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Our CDLPass Test Prep features not just questions and answers current and updated for 2024, but also detailed, ILLUSTRATED EXPLANATIONS to help you PASS YOUR TEST faster!
General Knowledge | Air Brakes | Combination Vehicles | Doubles and Triples | Hazardous Materials | Tank Vehicles | Transporting Passengers
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The brain tends to remember what it hears at least as well as what it reads. Put your time to good use with our CDLPass Audio series, a set of audio presentations, available in downloadable mp3 format that, will help you prepare for your Commercial Drivers License written exam (valid for all 50 states!). CDLPass Audio is a perfect complement to our CDLPass test preparation software and web-based study tools.

Our audio presentations are continuously updated just as our CDLPass software's question banks are. So, you can be assured of getting up to date Commercial Drivers License content to study from.

Up-to-date Commercial Drivers License questions that closely simulate actual questions for all 50 states!
Listen on your iPod or personal digital music player, or burn it to a CD and listen to it in your vehicle
Audio presentations are customized for each particular test
The number of Commercial Drivers License questions included, and, hence, the length of the audio presentation varies from test to test, but most tests feature up to hundreds of questions. The audio portion is generally equivalent to several CDs.
DRM-Free .mp3 format for maximum compatibility and ease of listening
Please see the [Buy Now] page for pricing information.
No waiting! Download the audio presentation from our website and be listening in just moments from now.
A perfect companion to our CDLPass Commercial Drivers License test preparation software and online study tools.

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Q. I don't understand - will I get a CD mailed to me?

No. There will be no CD or anything physical mailed to your postal address. Rather, CDLPass Audio is a series of mp3 files that you can download from our website.

Q. Can you make me a CD?

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to do this. However, almost all PCs have CD-burners (CD-writers) built-in these days. So, if you want to make CDs so that you can, for example, listen to in the car, it should be a relatively simple matter of buying some blank CD-Rs and burning the mp3s to CD. Most CD-writing software will gladly turn mp3s into audio tracks so that you can make an audio CD. This do-it-yourself way is faster and cheaper for you.

Q. Does CDLPass Audio include ALL of the questions for a given test?

CDLPass Audio includes all of the questions that are present in our CDLPas PC software. This makes it a great study tool that in theory is sufficient for you to prepare for your CDL tests. However, of course, with the audio presentation, you can not see the illustrations used by our authors to illustrate many of the questions. This is why we recommend that you use both the audio and our PC/web-based test preps for best results. The CDLPass software focuses mostly on questions and answers, but there are also limited explanations give for some of the questions.

Q. I saw your audio being "shared" on a Peer-to-Peer service / My friend offered to give me an illicit copy of your audio presentation

Unfortunately, the temptation to pirate copyrighted audio materials is very strong. The reality is that piracy hurts small, honest companies like ours. In order to prevent this and to maintain value for our honest customers, we have taken some precautionary measures. Specifically, each audio presentation is dynamically created for each user. As part of this process, we also embed hundreds of very subtle "fingerprints" into the audio that you download. If you're a normal, honest user, you will be completely unaware of this tagging. However, if we find that our audio is being illegally "shared" or pirated, our system will be able to very quickly use these fingerprints to identify the source of the pirated copy, which can lead to very serious repercussions for the original owner. The fingerprinting that we have implemented will remain in place regardless of any attempts to change file formats, copy to audio CD, and so forth. Look, we offer a great product quite inexpensively (competing audio CDs generally start at at least twice our price) and do so under a generous license: the download is in DRM-free mp3 format and we allow you within reason to space shift it to CD, your personal digital audio device (such as iPod) and so forth. Please respect our work by not pirating it, even casually "among friends." Understand that while our honest customers have absolutely nothing whatsoever to fear, we will take a zero tolerance approach with copyright infringers. If you have a friend or colleague who could benefit from our products, please direct them to our website where they may purchase their own copies. Thank you for your understanding.

Q. Is the content up-to-date?

as written above, the audio content is dynamically created for you at the time you download it. This means that yes, the content is generally very up to date with the latest Commercial Drivers License changes available in our software as managed by our editorial team, and almost certainly more up to date than DVD and CD programs from competitors. If you are studying in the days and weekd immediately following your purchase of CDLPass Audio, you should be fine as the content is designed to be up to date at the time we sell it.

Q. For which Commercial Drivers License written tests is CDLPass Audio available?

CDLPass Audio is available for the following tests:

  • General Knowledge
  • Transporting Passengers
  • Combination Vehicles
  • Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT)
  • Doubles and Triples
  • Air Brakes
  • Tanker Vehicles
You get access to ALL of these for one low price. They are ALL included!
Q. What is the purchase process?
  1. Click on this [buy now] link.
  2. Select the test group of your choice, read and agree to the terms and conditions as provided, and enter information about your ownership of the CDLPass software (if applicable).
  3. Proceed to the secure purchase pages, where you can purchase via a large number of ways, including credit card, PayPal, and so forth. Note that ecommerce is handled for us via our SWreg merchant partner.
  4. In most cases, after the purchase is complete, you will get a receipt e-mailed to you within moments. This receipt will contain your 'keycode', which is a sort of passcode that you need to get access to the audio. (If you can't locate your keycode after purchase, please visit our helpdesk).
  5. With your keycode in hand, return to this page. Click on the "existing user login" above. This will direct you to the files for you to download.
Q. What happens after I log in?

You log in (above) using your email address and keycode that you will receive after making a purchase. After entering this successfully, you will see a screen like this

where you can select the test group of your choice. Then, after you click on your group choice, this screen appears:

On this screen, you select the particular test that you want to download audio for. After a screen where you are reminded of the terms and conditions of purchase, you are then taken to a screen like this

where you can download the MP3 files for your test. Also on this last screen there is an options pane like this

where you can customize the mp3 files that you will download to best suit your study and listening preferences. That's it! The whole process is fast and simple.

Q. How do I transfer this to my iPod or other personal digital device?

Most if not all personal audio devices, including iPods, certain mobile phones, and so forth have means to play mp3 files, as this is the MOST standard way of encoding digital audio out there. However, the exact procedure for getting the mp3s onto your device varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Unfortunately, we aren't really experts at all the different players out there, so it's probably best if you contact your manufacturer or read the directions that came with your device for this. However, your first step in almost all cases is to have downloaded the mp3 files to your local hard drive first.

Q. How much does it cost?

The price is very reasonable. However, the exact price depends on whether you purchase it on its own or with our CDLPass PC software and/or web-based study. The more you buy at once, the less expensive each piece is! For complete information as to current pricing, please visit our CDLPass purchase pages or click on the "buy now" button at the top right of this screen.

Q. What is the price in my local currency?

The prices above are listed in US dollars. As you go through the order process, you will see in a later screen the price displayed in your local currency. Orders are handled for us by SWreg, our e-commerce partner who have been absolutely great at providing a reliable and secure e-commerce gateway for us.

Q. Can I order by Phone, Cheque, PayPal, shiny glass beads, etc?

Except maybe for the beads, the answer is generally yes. The SWreg order system allows for a large number of ways to order. To order, for example, by phone, just start the order process online. Then, when you get to the payment stage, it will ask you about payment method - here you will see the full list of choices.


If you have any further questions we are happy to help you via our online helpdesk.

Thank you for trying CDLPass Audio!